On the Heels of BOG Meeting, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau and Sports Commission Run 30-Second Pro-Sacramento Video in Times Square

Sacramento, CA-The fight to keep the Kings in California's Capital City is about more than basketball - as demonstrated by the cast of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) and Sacramento Sports Commission's video that's scheduled to play for an audience of millions in New York's Times Square.  The video will be shown every five minutes, for 72 hours, beginning Tuesday April 16.

The video serves as yet another indication of Sacramento's aggressive commitment to keep the Kings in Sacramento and the timing of its New York debut is no coincidence, with the NBA owner's committee scheduled to meet Wednesday to weigh competing bids from Sacramento and Seattle.

"We've long-maintained that keeping the Kings in Sacramento is bigger than basketball," said SCVB President & CEO Steve Hammond.  "It's about programming our Central Business District with an arena and leveraging that investment as a catalyst for new development in our downtown.  It's about attracting new programming and visitors to grow the general funds of the City and County, which will improve the quality of life for our residents.  This is bigger than basketball: It's about the continued vitality and growth of our City for residents and the regional community at large."

With a target audience of the NBA Board of Governors, Sacramento residents, visitors and the region's business community, the SCVB's 30-second video includes non-paid representation from Kings' fans, Downtown Service Guides, the business community, public safety officers, general citizens and their children, and the hospitality community.

Basketball or non-basketball fans aside, the SCVB believes that the groups represented in the 30-second spot have a tremendous amount at stake in the decisions made in New York this week - decisions that will positively or negatively impact this region for decades to come.

Sacramento's Tourism and Hospitality industry has been at the forefront of communicating the significant benefits of what the Kings staying are.  For the SCVB, the motivation is the continued development of Sacramento as a visitor destination.

"Visitors to our region spend more than $2 billion dollars into our local economy and the Kings bring significant marketing exposure to our city on an international stage," said Hammond.  "There are many valuable projects in Sacramento that we believe will get funded through the incremental revenues that the sports & entertainment complex will bring - not to mention the new jobs, visitors and community pride that will come along with it."